Summit Storage Vertical Carousels

Vertical storage carousels from Summit Storage Solutions are designed to increase the efficiency of your warehouse or manufacturing facility by capitalizing on unused vertical space.

Whether it's tires, carpets, rugs, consumer goods, garments, wire, chain and other spooled goods, parts, or raw materials, Summit Storage Solutions can manufacture a custom, application-specific automated Vertical Storage Carousel to meet your needs.

Benefits of Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

There are several benefits to our vertical carousel storage systems, including:

Better picking. Improve your picking accuracy and make each operation simpler with an automated vertical storage carousel. You can also add bar code item verification to your picking for better control and always have the right visibility so your orders are fulfilled smartly each time.

Reduced costs. Vertical storage units allow you to hold more inventory in a smaller space. This means you need less warehousing even as you expand and have a better control of your inventory. Prevent losses and damage to your goods with a storage solution designed to keep your inventory levels at a maximum.

Made to last. All vertical storage solutions and carousels we sell are made here in the U.S.A. All customization is also done in-house so you can be sure the quality will amaze and last for years. We’re proud to back all of the warehouse carousel systems we sell or create.

Carousels often need custom shelves or carriers based on the products they hold or the specific packaging used by your business. The carousels listed below are our standard and most popular models that consistently deliver strong efficiency and safety gains to our customers. If you see a system you want to learn more about, click below, or contact us to see how it can be modified to fit your specific vertical carousel storage needs.

Please feel free to give us a call and ask us about your particular product. We’d be glad to help, and we love a challenge!

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