Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the price ranges?

    Pricing depends on the size of the machine, but as general rule of thumb, our carousels are under $20,000 for a large and very versatile machine.

  • What is a carousel?

    A storage carousel is an industrial or commercial storage system that uses motorized shelving to store and deliver inventory. It allows you to use any available vertical space as storage while still keeping inventory accesible to employees standing on the ground. This decreases the footprint of your storage system, allowing you to maximize the amount of inventory stored in your facilities without the need for forklifts or other machinery to access and retrieve it.

    Our vertical carousels are considered entry-level, with minimal automation that allows us to keep their price point low. The carousel travels from floor to ceiling over the top of the machine and returns to eye level in a matter of seconds. These are the least expensive and most versatile way to automate storage and keep your costs low!

  • What is the lead time for a vertical storage carousel?

    Standard lead time is 4-6 weeks.

  • How will my vertical storage carousel be shipped to my business?

    Summit Storage Solutions handles your shipping, worry-free. Customized loading with a dedicated flat bed truck is standard for all shipping.

  • How long does it take to install a vertical storage carousel?

    On average, installation takes one day per carousel.

  • Are customer service and technical support available?

    Yes, Summit Storage Solutions is available to answer your questions and ensure you remain satisfied with your vertical storage carousel. You can contact us by phone at 610-921-1119.

  • Will a Summit Storage Solutions representative visit my location and help determine what is appropriate for my business and application?

    If necessary, one of our representatives can meet with you and help you determine what is best suited for your application and footprint.

  • Who installs my vertical storage carousel at my business?

    Vertical storage carousels are installed by factory-certified installers. Summit Storage Solutions will coordinate the installation.

  • How do I order a vertical storage carousel from Summit Storage Solutions?

    Contact us today at 610-921-1119!

If you have additional questions about our carousels, feel free to call us at 610-921-1119 or email us at