Returnable Racks — The Perfect Answer For Your Assembly, Storage and Shipping Needs

Returnable shipping racks can help you speed up your operations and remove bottlenecks where your staff struggles to move goods or make things fit on pallets and racks that weren't designed with your product in mind. In addition, they offer numerous advantages over the traditional wood pallets or creates.

We offer a vast range of steel packaging solutions that are custom engineered to meet your needs. Our packaging engineers design packaging solutions with form, fit and function as the foundation of our designs.

Whether you move your own goods or act as a fulfillment center for the ever-growing number of e-commerce brands on the market, Summit Storage Solutions can provide a custom packaging solution to meet your demands.

What Is a Returnable Rack?

Returnable racks, or reusable racks, are alternatives to the traditional wood pallet. Unlike wood pallets for shipping, which are designed for a single use, you can use returnable shipping racks over and over again. You can use these returnable racks for shipping and have them sent back, either loaded up with new goods or empty, once they have arrived at their intended destination.

Returnable Rack Applications

Returnable racks are perfect for situations where saving money is a priority, which is just about every successful company. This returnable packaging is functional enough to serve as a storage rack for your item or items, durable enough to keep your product safe as you ship it, and reliable enough that you can ship it back and use it over and over again.

You can use these as returnable equipment racks when you have vital equipment you need to send back and forth, to and from, satellite locations or as standard shipping racks that you share between manufacturing and distribution centers. These returnable racks can easily pay for themselves with the waste they can eliminate and the value they can provide.

Advantages of Using a Returnable Rack

Elimination of waste is one of the greatest advantages of using a returnable rack. The standard shipping solution has always been wood pallets, but these pallets are flimsy, wasteful and of limited use. No longer do you have to worry about ordering more and more wood pallets and not knowing whether or not you have enough, or figuring out how to recycle them once they are no longer of any use. You finally have a reusable solution that will save you time, money and space.

Custom Returnable Rack Solutions

Summit Storage Solutions is one of the leading returnable and reusable shipping and storage rack manufacturers in the industry.

We'll help you meet your specific needs, such as vertical storage or unique solutions to make, storing, transporting, and handling your products easier.

Our returnable steel racks provide you with continued use and are environmentally friendly, especially compared to wooden pallets or crates that break down quickly, have a negative impact on the environment, cost your organization money to dispose of, and provide a lower and slow RIO.

Why Custom-Fabricate Your Returnable Racks?

So what is the benefit of custom-engineered returnable racks? Cookie-cutter solutions are rarely appropriate in a business environment. Your business has a product or assortment of products and a way of doing things that no other business has. The needs for a primarily manufacturing business may be very different from the needs of a distributor or a retailer, and the way they organize, conduct workflow and keep inventory may be very different as well.

A custom-engineered returnable rack solution makes sure your returnable racks are designed for your product and your workflow, not anyone else’s. It’s easy for a company to offer you the next rack that comes off the line, but that’s not how we work at Summit Storage Solutions. We’re interested in a partnership, and in creating storage solutions that are unique to you, so you can get the optimal benefit out of what we create.

Summit Storage Solutions has the capacity to create your perfect reusable shipping racks, and because of our process and the fact that we do everything here in the United States in our own facility, we can do it for an extremely competitive rate. We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

Before vs. After Choosing a Custom Racking Solution | Summit Storage Solutions

Growing to Help You Scale

Summit Storage Solutions has recently expanded our presence in the material handling industry. The addition of packaging engineers and our unmatched manufacturing capabilities we can provide our customers with total solutions for their packaging, storage and handling needs.

If you have any questions about our custom rack solutions, feel free to call us at 610-921-1119 or email us at