WIP (Work in Progress) Carts/Assembly Racks

WIP — What Is Work in Progress and Assembly Line Storage?

Work in Progress carts are designed to help you easily get unfinished materials from one part of the production process to another. They are critical for improving workflow and protecting and storing parts as they go from one part of the assembly line or manufacturing process to another. Heavy and unwieldy items, such as a Mack truck engine, can be extremely difficult to transport, but the right WIP carts make it much easier and safer. Summit Storage offers multiple options for transporting your materials more easily. We can even add castors on the bottom of racks.

We can also custom-fabricate a reusable prototype to test with your specific materials for use in the assembly process. If the prototype meets your satisfaction, we will then produce your carts. Rather than, for example, paying for a wooden skid plus disposal fees every time you want to move materials through your production process, Summit Storage’s equipment carts fabrication process will create just the right cart for you once, so you can use them for transportation, storage or shipping as needed.

Assembly Line Racks

Assembly line racks are storage containers that can be placed on an assembly line and worked on directly. These racks can improve efficiency dramatically by reducing the likelihood of damaging parts and by making it easier for assembly line workers to work on a part. Under normal circumstances, a worker may have to bend over to work on a part on an assembly line. A custom-made assembly line rack can lift the part up to eye level for easy access. These can double as shipping containers if necessary.

Custom Material Handling and Moving Carts

Our carts can provide you with solutions for a variety of applications. A quality engineered and manufactured cart can make your business function more efficiently and smoothly. When it comes to form, fit and function that provides real results, Summit Storage Solutions has your all-purpose answer.

Our designs and manufacturing process allow us to design/engineer carts to your specifications, so they fit the needs of your unique business. We manufacture all of our products in-house in the USA from start to finish, so we can ensure quality, delivery and superior customer service support.

Custom Work In Progress (WIP) Racks | Summit Storage Solutions

The Summit Assembly Line and Manufacturing Cart Advantage

Like all of our industry-leading products, our carts are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and steel, stainless steel or aluminum materials, which are long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Summit Storage Solutions specializes in storage, shipping and warehouse solutions for a variety of industries. To find out more about our quality carts or any of our storage solutions, contact us today.

We’ll be happy to provide a quote on your custom cart or rack to improve your assembly line or manufacturing process, and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions about our custom rack solutions, feel free to call us at 610-921-1119 or email us at SummitSales@SummitSteelInc.com.